Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seeds of Self-sufficiency #3- Find a Good Spot or Container and Plant Your Vegetable Seeds

Ready your container

No space to grow vegetables? Here’s how you can make an easy container garden.
Just start with a clean 5 gallon bucket. Drill or punch small drainage holes in the bottom, and fill with pre-fertilized organic soil. (Or use rich soil and add fertilizer to it) Leave about 1” space below the rim.

Poke a hole and Sow Your Seeds
Place the container in a sunny spot with at least 8 hours of sunshine a day. Raise the container (if using) with rocks to allow extra water to drain out. Fill with potting soil (preferably with organic fertilizer and organic soil)Space seeds about 6” apart. Push down each seed into the soil. The squash and corn will grow best pushed 2”down, and the beans, just 1” down. Cover lightly with soil and gently firm soil. Fertilize, water and you’re ready to maintain it.

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