Friday, March 1, 2013

Seeds of Self-Sufficiency #2- Get Vegetable Seeds Now!

Madera County Food Bank "3 Sisters"
Learn all about growing your own vegetable garden. Starting March 4thwe hand out vegetable seeds to the food needy and we'll be growing the “Three Sisters” of vegetables; Squash, Corn and Beans. The Native Americans grew and grouped these vegetables together for a reason. The vertical nature of the corn stalk provides a trellis for the “Pole beans” to grow along for support. The squash has a horizontal direction of growth that served as an edible ground cover, which not only kept the weeds away, but also provided shade for the corn's very shallow roots. They also helped keep the ground moist, which helped the beans grow, which helped the corn grow higher, which made for longer bean vines and yields. Get some seeds today and follow along with the complete beginner steps to learn to grow your own food. Delicious and healthy!

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